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5/17/04      3:31 pm   
So yesterday was fun. Lindz's sister Dez had a Bday show at The Saint. Went there for a little while. Good show. There was even a Finch cover...which of course is always a nice touch. Although at the end of the show, everyone was pretty much gone. And there was this like, 50 something year old guy who plays...wrenches? I don't know it was pretty crazy. He comes in and he's got this little tiny table, and two boxes of the most random stuff you've ever seen. He lays out all his wrenches, (we're talking the actual TOOL here) and starts banging them together. He walks over to this box, pulls out an  E.T mask, and puts on this old vinyl record of  that " ...I'm your venus, I'm your fire.." song, and is attempting to play along...on his wrenches. It was  P R I C E L E S S! Not even the best part though. There are those game tables, for like air hockey and whatever...well, he strapped a guitar strap on one of those and was playing  Happy Birthday on it. Wow, is all that I can say. Apparently this guy was a big stoner, or so I hear. So anyway, after that... went to Red Bank with Lindsey and Danielle. It's so nice at night. There was a show at the Cafe, so the park was filled with kids from the show. Couple of people were playing guitar on the steps, sitting by the water... very nice, very nice.

5/20/04     12:25 pm
In school...enough said. I'm so bored right now. Lindseys here with me. I'm going home in about an hour and forty minutes. Things are good. And thanks to Mr. Elliot tomorrow's a half day! Now to the bad news...tomorrow's show....the ACOUSTIC one is cancelled. But it's not too bad because, the band I was going to see is playing in RB on Sunday! So once again...things are good. Detention today. Dammit. But, gotta do what I gotta do. Mrs. Raike is gonna catch me.
      " Staring in those the day fades away.." - Your Best Regret

5/17/04         10:03 pm
What a day. I don't even think anything happened, worth mentioning. Ha, then's Monday. Alton is such a cutie. I don't know, I was kinda mad at him over the weekend...for reasons. But I guess, it's not such a big deal. Something about the way he is. I just like how we can flirt and be all "touchy" and fine with just that. Sometimes people take that sorta tihng too seriously. But whatever. He's such a flirt though. This Underscore video is ...very good.  I heard they're coming to NJ too. In like, June. Hopefully. Friday is the Mater Dei show. ACOUSTIC! And there's also a show in RB on Saturday I believe. Should be pretty good.

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